Puerto Vallarta 2022

Fly-in Saturday March 5th – Tuesday March 8th.

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Join us on a 3-night stay in beautiful and historic Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco! Founded around 1851, Vallarta has quickly gained international attention and recognition for its beautiful beaches, welcoming hospitality, and entertainment night district. Tourist from around the world have come visit and made Vallarta their favorite Mexican resort town in recent years, come find out why this city is so loved!

General Aircraft Requirements:

  1. Airworthiness Certificate
  2. Permanent Registration (temporary NOT accepted)
  3. 406 MHz ELT
  4. ADS-B Out, using the 1090 MHz ES band
  5. Aircraft Insurance with Mexico territory coverage
  6. FCC Radio Station License
  7. Standard 12-inch N-number
  8. CBP decal
  9. Notarized Letter, if aircraft is registered under a Corporation

Pilot Requirements:

  1. Pilot’s Certificate
  2. Medical Certificate, (BasicMed welcomed)
  3. FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operators Permit
  4. Valid Passport

Passenger Requirements:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. If minor flying without both parents, notarized letter from absent parent


Saturday March 5th – Airplanes will depart from their home base, and will all meet at the Saltillo International Airport to clear Mexican customs & immigration at around 10:00am CST. We will also process our initial AFAC Multi-Entry Permit. Bring a light snack, this step will take anywhere between 1-2 hours.

Airport Details:
Saltillo International – Plan De Guadalupe
Identifier: MMIO
Elevation: 4778 ft
Longest Runway: 9,711 x 148ft

After clearing customs, obtaining the Multi-Entry Permit, and fueling up, our last leg to Puerto Vallarta can be flown one of two recommended ways. *PIC has the final authority to the exact route*

VFR route // 377 NM long. Can be flown at a recommended minimum altitude of 10,500ft or higher. 30nm SW of MMIO there are mountains that must be cleared, or flown between. It is typical during this time of year (March) for the weather to be severely clear with no weather activity. In this case, a VFR mostly-direct route should be the fastest and most efficient. This would probably also be the only route available normally aircraft with a normally-aspirated engine.

IFR Route // 444 NM long. If you plan to fly IFR, the recommended route is: MMIO SLW CDR V26 GDL PVR MMPR. This will put you at MEAs as high as 14,000ft, with the possibility to descend to 12K and 13K at times. Please plan for O2, and ensure your aircraft is perfectly capable for operations at these altitudes.

After Landing in Puerto Vallarta:

We will make our way to our group hotel (or a hotel of your choice) and enjoy the city. Each evening we will have informal meetups with the flying group to talk about airplanes, our flying adventures, over a glass of cranberry. These meetups have become a signature of our flyouts, you won’t want to miss it.
There will also be one optional group excursion activity on one of our days in Vallarta, with another day completely free for you to explore the city on your own, or go on a different excursion!

On Day 4, we will leave Vallarta in the late morning, with a fuel stop in Monterrey Del Norte (MMAN) to clear Mexican customs & immigration outbound.

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