FlashPass For eAPIS Promo Code

In association with FlashPass, we are pleased to offer an exclusive promo code for our users. FlashPass is the leading eAPIS submission app for GA aircraft who fly internationally. FlashPass helps you expedite the eAPIS submissions for all flights in and out of the USA, including flights to Mexico, Caribbean/Bahamas, Canada, and any other country.

Use Promo Code “FLYGAMEX” when signing up to receive 90 extra days of the fully unlocked eAPIS app!


  1. Enroll on CBP’s website to get an eAPIS “Sender ID” if you don’t already have one.

  2. Visit www.FlashPass.net and Signup for an account using the right-hand form. Use Promo Code “FLYGAMEX” to get 90 extra days when you subscribe to their annual subscription.

  3. Enjoy FlashPass!