Domestic Departure within Mexico

You already made your first landing in Mexico. You have gone through customs and immigration, and you even have your Multi/Single Entry Permit from AFAC. Your next mission is to another airport within Mexico, this time you’re considered a “domestic flight”. This is how to easily to that process!

  • SENEAM (Despacho) – First step is to complete a paper ICAO flight plan. Remember, you need four copies of your Flight Plan, and various agencies will keep a copy from your original four.
  • ASA/Operaciones – Second, visit the operation office. Most airports in Mexico are operated by ASA, but some have a different operator. Regardless, this office will known as “operaciones” in spanish. There are two tasks to do here.
    1. Order fuel if you haven’t done so yet.
    2. Pay for any landing and overnight fees.
  • AFAC (Comandancia) – Bring your remaining flight plans to AFAC, along with your Multi/Single Entry Permit. AFAC will audit your paperwork and flight plan. If everything looks good, they will sign it and stamp it. NOTE: At their discretion, they might ask for a copy of your aircraft’s insurance, Airworthiness, and Registration. Bring copies of these documents, but be prepared to show original documents upon request.
  • SENEAM (Despacho) – Last step is to come back to SENEAM and give them a copy of your flight plan. They will file the flight plan for you on their computer (this takes them about 5 minutes), and at this point you’re free to go.

Some airports might have security checkpoints at various steps along this process. Once SENEAM as approved your flight plan, you’re free to go to your airplane, preflight, and depart for your next airport.

Domestic Arrival at a new airport:

As a domestic arrival, once you’re park in the designated General Aviation spot, you are mostly free to go. If an officer from the military comes greet you, give them any information they might request pertaining your flight. It is also a good idea to waive “goodbye” to the employees in “Operaciones” and let them know how long you’re going to be staying at this new airport. They might have some important information for you, such as airport closures, or parking restrictions.

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