Day before Flight

** The following is meant only as a guideline and should not be taken as the definitive method to prep. Always become familiar with all available information before a flight to Mexico.**

  • Become familiar with the weather for your route of flight. We recommend that you use your favorite Electronic Flight Bag, such as Garmin Pilot or ForeFlight to check TAFs and METARs. An alternative free option is, which tends to be very accurate for aviation.
  • Do a full flight briefing using your EFB, and pay special attention to any NOTAMs that my affect your flight.
  • Mexican immigration regulation states that you should submit the Mexican APIS (Advance Passenger Information System) 24 hours before your flight.
  • Although not required at this time, you can also submit CBP’s eAPIS at this time as well. CBP requires that you submit it at least 1 hour before your flight, but you can submit as far in advance as you want.

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